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Secure your emails and settings

Smart E-mail Backup

Smart E-mail Backup software helps to create backup, migrate and restore the Outlook data which includes E-mails, address book, task, calendar, contacts, settings, notes, alerts, message rules and journal.

Useful interface

It consists of an easy interface that lets the user store, folder, files, junk email list, notes, calendar, journal, lists, RSS feeds, tasks, message rules etc.

Password Protection

This utility is considered as the best in terms of securing the process of email recovery and ensuring security of confidential information on emails

Backup Process

Follow Simple 3 Steps Outlook Smart Email Backup to save your emails and settings

Step 1 Step 1
First step is to open your outlook email and take a backup with Disk Doctors Smart Email Backup Software. There backup file will be used in next step.

Step 2 Step 2
Next step is to move this backup file to your desired pc/laptop where you are intended to restore this backup.

Step 3 Step 3
Finally you can restore your emails and setting without any missing information.

Smart Email Backup Software
with many benifits for you


  • Use Disk Doctors Smart E-mail Backup to Migrate and Backup Outlook Emails & settings
  • Migrate your older version of Microsoft Outlook to newer version OR migrate from Windows XP / Vista to Windows 7 and more.
  • Smart E-mail Backup is crafted with a simple interface
  • It recovers when a huge amount of e-mails corrupt the respective .dbx file
  • It also recovers emails in scenarios when virus protection end up corrupting the .dbx files

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003 (all versions)
  • 64 MB of Ram and necessary disk space for recovered outlook express mails etc

Key Features

With ONE CLICK “Smart Backup,” you can save lot of time by taking an automated Outlook backup. Once you activate the Smart Backup, Smart E-mail Backup gets to work.Backup file created with this option can be used for both Restoration and Migration of Outlook

The Perfect Solution

The effective internal scheduler helps to backup your e-mail settings periodically. In addition, the advance backup mechanism is capable of creating several restore points with respect to backup profiles. Restore points adds flexibility to slip back to previous Outlook state without having to reconfigure complete settings in Microsoft Outlook.

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